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Piano Moving business with over 40 years of combined experience,

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Our Services

Auckland’s professional piano movers,  Atutolu Piano Movers provide six services to all piano and music lovers:

1.  Piano Moving Specialists – we are experienced in determing the best methods possible to remove and relocate all types of pianos.  Once we have accurately assessed the access details for the pickup and delivery locations, we can determine if further resources are required, e.g. crane assistance or the need for more removalists.  This means that we will be able to accurately estimate the time, cost and resources involved, which results in a job done right, the first time.  Overall, less stress and more assurance for you.

2.  Piano Moving Logistics – we understand that the process from first point of pickup to destination can involve a lot of coordination, especially if your piano is transported to or from overseas.  It’s our job to make it easy for you on our end, so if you have all the necessary details we can ensure your piano reaches its destination in a safe and timely manner.  Provide us with all the necessary details and we will take care of it on our end. 

3.   Piano Moving FREE Quotes – we provide free quotes over the phone, mobile and via email.  We provide a free service to visit the site/s in question, conduct a free assessment and provide you with a free, no obligation quote (Auckland only).  However, feel free to contact us and find out if and when we will next be in your area so we can work something out.  Also, you are more than welcome to email photos of the environment ( or we can use google map (provided there has been no major changes since google map’s last update) to estimate a quote.

4.   Piano Storage Assistance –  we are able to assist with options for short or long term storage of your piano as we have a good relationship with a reliable and local Storage facility. We provide on-site storage at competitive rates but please be advised that storage is limited, so check with us first.